Zakat and Tax


The search for the ideal method of wealth distribution has been a significant concern for economic experts and corporations worldwide. With proper support and innovation, the tax advisors provide the optimal path that can lead the client to meet tax regulations. This requires in-depth knowledge and analysis of related regulations and related precedents. For that, one must be able to utilize the appropriate experts’ knowledge. Our tax experts provide our clients with the knowledge and value coming from their diverse expertise in this field about the requirements related to:

→ Corporate Taxable Income
→ Deductible and Non-Deductible Expenses
→ Tax Declaration, Tax Depreciation concepts and Penalties
→ Value Added Tax (VAT) requirements
→ Withholding Tax (WHT) Requirements
→ Zakat requirements
→ Tax treaties and conventions
→ Transfer pricing requirements
→ Any updates on the laws and regulations

How we can help?

At Ecovis, we provide our clients with highly qualified experts that can deal with our client’s complex tax transactions and ensure their compliance with local laws and regulations with the optimal tax structure. Following are the key services offered:

→ Registration and de-registration
→ Return calculations and filing
→ Zakat, Tax, and VAT Accounting
→ Transfer pricing assessment
→ WHT assessment
→ Tax consultancy
→ Training
→ Litigations, and Appeals

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