Technology & Cybersecurity Compliance


With new emerging industry standards and regulatory requirements impacting all industries, cybersecurity compliance becomes a driving force underlying business success. As the number and severity of cyber attacks increase, regulators and industry standards organizations seek to enforce cybersecurity by establishing more stringent compliance requirements.

These compliance regulations are in place to help organizations improve their information security programs by providing guidelines and best practices based on the organization’s industry, type of systems and data they maintain. Non-compliance with these regulations can result in fines and may add subsequent complications for the businesses.

Therefore, to prepare for evolving compliance requirements, organizations need to create a security-first approach to cybersecurity so that they can stay ahead of the evolving requirements. Especially given the complex and ever-changing nature of the technology environment, challenging regulations and resource limitations may increase the distance in keeping a consistent and sustainable security program in place.

How we can help?

We at ECOVIS are professionally placed to help businesses in complying with Technology and Cybersecurity requirements. Our certified specialists can assist clients in achieving and maintaining all compliance obligations in the ever-changing regulatory environment. We understand, interprets and design customized compliance solutions in-line with national and international standards. With this capability, we can serve our clients for the compliance of leading national and international guidelines, frameworks and requirements such as NIST, ISO27001, ISO 22301, ISO 31000, ANSI ISA 62443, PCI DSS, HIPPA, ISACA, IIA, OWASP, etc. Our Technology and Cybersecurity Compliance service include:

 SAMA Cyber Security Framework (CSF) Compliance Services
 SAMA Business Continuity Management (BCM) Framework Compliance Services
 ISMS ISO 27001 Implementation and Certification Compliance
 NCA Essential Cybersecurity Controls Compliance Services
 Tadawul «The Exchange Members Technical Requirements Compliance Services
 CITC Cybersecurity Regulatory Framework (CRF) Compliance Services
 CITC Cloud Computing Regulatory Framework Compliance Services
 CMA Cyber Security Guidelines for Financial Market Institutions Compliance Services

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