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In today’s high-tech world, data is the lifeblood of businesses, crucial for making well-informed decisions, driving innovation, and achieving success. Ecovis offers comprehensive data management services that empower organizations to implement efficient and secure data collection, organization, and storage solutions for their business information. As a trusted data management provider, Ecovis is well-equipped to address all aspects of data handling. Our customized data management solutions enable businesses to make data-driven decisions.

Our Data Management Guiding Principles

Ecovis follows Data Management Guiding Principles from the National Data Management Office, enabling data-driven decisions, innovation, and stakeholder trust, as outlined below.

Our Data Management Services

Why Do You Need Data Management

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Organized and easily accessible data enables quicker retrieval and analysis, saving time and resources.

Improved Decision Making

Data Management provides access to accurate, up-to-date, and reliable data, enabling informed and data-driven decision-making.

Enhance Data Insights

Effective Data Management facilitates data analysis, enabling organizations to gain valuable insights into market trends, and operational performance.

Data Privacy

By implementing Data Privacy measures, organizations build trust with their customers, leading to stronger customer relationships.

Regulatory Compliance

Data Management ensures compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations, such as PDPL.

Scalability & Future Growth

Proper Data Management lays foundation for scalability and future growth by accommodating increasing data volumes and diversity.

Data Quality & Integrity

Effective Data Management ensures data quality by eliminating duplicate, inconsistent, or inaccurate information.

Data Security

Data Management includes implementing robust security measures to protect data from unauthorized access and breaches.

The NDMO Domains We Adhere To

The National Data Management Office (NDMO), the national data regulator in the Kingdom, created Data Management and Personal Data Protection Standards based on the National Data Management and Personal Data Protection Framework. These standards are intended to establish and oversee efficient data management practices within government entities and to regulate data management efforts and initiatives across various organizations.

Enterprise Data Governance Strategy

Access Expert Advice on Data Management and Privacy

Unlock the guidance you need for robust data management and privacy practices. Our expert advice empowers your organization to navigate the complexities of data governance, data quality, privacy regulations, and more. Harness the knowledge and experience necessary to make informed decisions and safeguard your data effectively with our advice and guidance. Get in touch with us today!


In the contemporary digital world, data privacy assumes paramount importance, particularly in Saudi Arabia. The ever-evolving data protection laws and regulatory landscape, coupled with the increasing privacy threats, compel organizations to address privacy compliance requirements. ECOVIS Al Sabti specializes in PDPL compliance, helping businesses foster trust, uphold ethical data practices, and mitigate risks. We provide a distinctive combination of capabilities, encompassing technological expertise, deep business insight, and devoted professionals dedicated to safeguarding and growing your business.

Our Data Privacy Services

Why Data Privacy?

Financial consequences

Managing data to ensure regulatory compliance is important. A business may have to meet legal responsibilities about how they collect, store, and process personal data, and non-compliance could lead to a huge fine. If the business becomes the victim of a hack or ransomware, the consequences in terms of lost revenue and lost customer trust could be even worse.

Regulatory Compliance

Data is the most important asset a business owns. We breath in a data economy where organizations finds immense worth in collecting, sharing, and using data about customers or users, especially from social media and normal business operations. Transparency in how businesses request consent to keep personal data, abide by their privacy policies, and manage the data that they’ve collected, is vital to building trust with customers who naturally expect privacy as a human right.

Financial consequences

A data breach can have significant financial consequence for an organization. The cost of responding to a data breach can be high, including investigation, remediation, and potential lawsuits. In addition, a data breach can result in lost revenue, decreased productivity, and increased insurance premium consequences.

Reputation & Trust

Customers and stakeholders expect organizations to protect their sensitive data and privacy. If an organization experiences a data breach or violates the privacy of its customers, it can damage its reputation and erode the trust of its stakeholders.

Why Personal Data Protection Law Compliance Is Non-Negotiable for Businesses

The KSA’s PDPL ensures data security and transparency. SAMA enforces compliance with bi-annual reporting. ECOVIS Al Sabti experts help you navigate these requirements. Non-compliance with PDPL carries a penalty of 5 million SAR and 2 years in prison. Complying is vital to protect your business from penalties, data breaches, and reputational damage, ensuring trust, ethical data practices, and legal protection. Our expertise in PDPL compliance ensures that your business maintains trust with customers, upholds ethical data practices, and safeguards sensitive information, reducing legal and financial risks.

Access Expert Advice on Data Privacy

Unlock the guidance you need for robust data privacy practices. Our expert advice empowers your organization to navigate the privacy regulations, and more. Harness the knowledge and experience necessary to make informed decisions and safeguard your data effectively with our advice and guidance. Get in touch with us today!
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