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A structured business insight dashboard is an important information perception instrument that encourages an organization to decide Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) and different measurements in a solitary, straightforward and user-friendly interface. Simultaneously, a dashboard that presents data erroneously or highlights an inappropriate measurement can prompt lost both time and revenue. ECOVIS’s custom dashboard creation capabilities are equipping supervisors and key decision-makers who want a bird’s eye view of how their organization or a specific division are progressing. Our expert team unites numbers, execution measurements, performance metrics in an adaptable dashboard interface while pulling continuous information from various sources. This thus makes it easier to retain key data since we can introduce voluminous data as exact diagrams, outlines, and other applicable visual mediums into a dashboard view.

Benefit of ECOVIS Dashboard

Our analytics dashboard creation services not only allow organizations to make informed and predictable business decisions but also provide the following value-added benefits:

 Ability to automatically capture relevant data from multiple sources and update the dashboard allowing real-time access to the latest data.
 Measure performance and other key KPIs on an organization-wide basis regularly allowing for steady ongoing improvements while correcting negative trends.
 Responsive designs for all dashboards ensuring they look presentable and distinguished whether on a computer screen, tablet or phone.
 Improved productivity and efficiency due to automation.
 Regular maintenance schedules allowing you significant peace-of-mind.

How we can help?

ECOVIS is working with leading organizations to create practical dashboards that are helping them in making strategic business decisions. Our expertise goes beyond simply displaying you, beautiful charts and graphs. ECOVIS analytics team conducts a thorough analysis of your enterprise, and your business requirements first. These statistics are collated, subtle and then supplied to our dashboard professionals who then create a custom dashboard tailored to your requirements in a well-timed manner. We have expertise on all visualization tools and dashboards, some of them are listed below.

Business Objects
Oracle OBIEE
IBM Cognos

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