Audit & Assurance


A financial audit is aiming to provide reasonable assurance about the preparation of the financial statements by the relevant accounting framework. The financial statement audits give assurance over the financial information for better decision making by the users of the financial statements.

Assurance services can be both financial and non-financial. Assurance services can be done to all kinds of information used by stakeholders, investors, debtors, etc. to provide them with reliable, transparent information relevant for decision making.

Ecovis Auditing and Assurance experts bring their all-inclusive experiences to our clients, helping them to comply with local regulations related to financial reporting as well as provide reliable, transparent information. We offer a dependable audit process by gathering experts to tackle complex issues, using a recognized international approach and positioning the latest auditing tools and frameworks together.

How we can help?

We at ECOVIS ensure that our team of experts are fully equipped with the relevant qualifications needed for them to initiate, plan, and execute the engagements. Our team of experts has an up-to-date knowledge of International Standards on Auditing (ISA), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and relevant Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA) publications. Following are the key services offered:

 Financial Statement Audits
 Accounting Compliance and Reporting
 Special Purpose Audits
 Agreed upon Procedures
 Review and Compilation Services
 Attestation Services (IFRS)
 Assurance over Accounting Policies
 Assurance over non-financial information
 Financial Reporting Assistance & Practices
 Technical Accounting Research and Consulting

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