ECOVIS AL SABTI is a leading Consulting firm based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia representing ECOVIS International. Globally, more than 7,500 people work within our network. Providing expertise and consultancy in the areas of technology, auditing, accounting, and legal services we have local office in over 75 countries.

ECOVIS AL SABTI is managed by a team of highly qualified professionals in Saudi Arabia. Thus, we ensure that our teams are involved continuously in enabling themselves with ever-changing global and local trends and practices that lead to improving our services and customer’s experiences. In addition to this, we offer a wide range of services covering business, risk, compliance, technology, cybersecurity, Internal Audit, tax consultation, accounting, auditing, and legal advice amongst several others.

With our high standards of service, partner-led approach and specialist knowledge,we are able to provide a global solution to our clients requirements.


The firm is led by Mr. Saad Al Sabti who instituted the practice in 2004 by forming the office under the name of Saad Saleh Al Sabti CPA, followed by him long-standing reputation and wealth of exposure, in the corporate world of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 2015, Mr. Khaled Alsabti partnered with Mr. Saad Al Sabti to expand the firms association with a global network of ECOVIS International and formed a professional service firm under the name of ECOVIS AL SABTI CPA, Member of ECOVIS International.

We will never walk alone

Khalid Al Sabti


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Muhammad Ghazali

Senior Executive Director

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Moustafa Elhamady

Head of Assurance

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